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December 28, 2006


Eddie Searle

With the sad death of Arthur an era comes to an end. I feel he wa Eel Pie Island.

As a member of the First Hundred I have known Arthur for more years than I care to remember and spent many happy hours at his home talking to him.

Unfortunately it is the few rather than the many will know how much help and advice he gave people in his wise paternal way.

Some of the older club members may remember me as the young policeman who used to work on the Island every weekend. It certainly opened my eyes to another view of the world.

I kept in regular touch with Arthur since I retired to Cornwall 20 odd years ago and I personally will miss him greatly.

It is the end of an era but his memory and the Island he built will live on.

rod sawyer

hope this gets through. as the first person to go to colege harlech from the island i owe evrything to arthur. one night stamping wrists next to him he persuaded me to go, then funded it! first of many! mort next, dave morgan, all back in 1961. university, academic career, ending up as assistant principal at bradford college, then the biggest in the uk, now edit a local newspaper in spain, a journey started by arthur. the most altruistic person i have ever met. he aslo invented networking! and we have always kept in touch, as he did with dozens? hundreds? all from that flat in strawberry hill where ihope all the memorabilia, a real history treasure trove will be protected

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